A Warm Welcome    to Our
2021  Guard Members!


Introducing the 2021-2022 members of the El Camino Real Dance Guard team!!!


Alyna Fonvergne

Sofia Dzilvelis

Cristina Mongeli

Madi Ovsepyan

Sofia Vargas

Charlotte Barton

Kamryn Wagner

Katelyn Lopez

Lizette Gonzalez

Mahisha Perera

Reina Bautista

Ava Baharona

 We are so excited to welcome our returning members as well as our new members for the 2021-2022 season. As we make our way to a new normal we are excited to help nurture and guide our members into the future.

 We will be posting dates for our parent meeting, costume fitting and spring practices so make sure to check this website regularly for updates.

Thank you!

Tayler Hardie

Please use the "Contact" link below ASAP to send us your information for our Roster.  We need the following information:  1) your email address; 2) your cell phone number; 3) your parent(s) name(s); 4) their cell phone(s); and 5) their email(s).  We also need any summer vacation plans.  Thank you!

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