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Board Positions

2.1       PRESIDENT

2.1.1    The President shall be responsible for organizing, presiding at, and setting the agenda for all board, regular, or special meetings in conjunction with the Dance Guard Director. If the President cannot attend a meeting, the Vice President will preside over the meeting.

2.1.2    The President shall be responsible for seeing that all activities of the ECRCHSDG Boosters are carried out.

2.1.3    The President shall approve all official Booster information to be communicated, including website content.

2.1.4    The President shall maintain liaison with the School Administration and will cooperate and interface with Dance Guard Director.

2.1.5    The President shall assure all correspondence requiring action is assigned and shall follow-up to ensure satisfactory results.


2.2.1    The Vice President shall be responsible for overseeing all fundraisers agreed to by the group and supporting the President.

2.3       SECRETARY

2.3.1    The Secretary shall keep the records of the ECRCHSDG Boosters general meetings, the Board of Directors meetings, and any special meetings that may be called.

2.3.2    The Secretary shall coordinate delivery of appropriate information with the Communications Coordinator.

2.4       TREASURER

2.4.1    The Treasurer shall be responsible for all monies that belong to the ECRCHSDG Boosters and shall establish proper procedures for receipt and deposit of monies with El Camino Real Charter High School Business Office as approved by the Board of Directors.

2.4.2    The Treasurer shall keep permanent books of accounts and records sufficient to establish the items of income, expenses, receipts and disbursements of the organization for five (5) years including the current year.

2.4.3    The Treasurer shall be responsible for the account balances and the records showing all deposits and withdrawals of the organization’s funds and shall submit bills to be paid as authorized by the Board of Directors.  Bills will be submitted to  El Camino Real Charter High School Business Office to be processed for payment.

2.4.4    The Treasurer shall give a full report of the status of the treasury at each meeting and whenever asked to do so upon sufficient notice by a member of the Board of Directors.

2.4.5    The Treasurer shall give a full report at the end of each season to the Board of Directors.

2.4.6    The Treasurer shall submit the proposed itemized annual budget to the Board of Directors for approval at the July board meeting.


2.5.1    The Communications Coordinator shall be responsible for communications within the organization.

2.5.2    The Communications Coordinator shall be responsible for the El Camino Real  Dance Guard website. The website is the primary communication vehicle for the calendar, maps and times of competitions, and information on upcoming events.

2.5.3    The Communications Coordinator shall coordinate the Booster e-mail and contact database. The contact database will be used to communicate information directly to the Guard Members and and/ or parents and guardian.

2.5.4    The Communications Coordinator shall coordinate the publicity of program events and fundraisers, to include, but not be limited to, newspapers, television channels, banners in public places, marquee messages, window displays, contacts with local feeder schools, etc.


2.6.1    The Uniform Coordinator shall work with the Directors and Coaches to design and create all uniforms and costumes.

2.6.2    The Uniform Coordinator shall oversee the maintenance of the Guard uniforms and costumes.

2.6.3    The Uniform Coordinator shall oversee the ordering of  gloves and other accessories for the Guard uniforms/costumes, and the ordering of spirit/booster wear.


2.7.1    The Transportation and Prop Coordinator shall be responsible for creation of props, transportation of props and equipment, equipment, first aid supplies, general maintenance of the props, and coordinate prop volunteers for each event and also on the field.


2.8.1    The Fundraising Coordinator reports directly to the Vice President on the progress of the various Booster Club fundraising activities.


2.9.1    The Sponsor Advertising Coordinator shall seek individuals and/or companies from our community and our vendors to sponsor the Dance Guard, either through advertising on t-shirts, signage, or website.


2.10.1  The Hospitality Coordinator shall coordinate providing the refreshments for the Dance Guard and the ECRCHSDG Boosters during their functions that involve food or drink. These would include, but are not limited to: Guard camp, potlucks, rehearsals, and refreshments at football games, performances, parades, competitions, sporting events, award banquets, and general or special meetings.

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